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Biographies for Pokemon Path's Divided Chace Hero
Biographies for Pokémon Path’s Divided
Name: Chace Hero
Date of Birth: December 18
Age: 17
Place of Birth: Pallet Town
Height: 6’2’’
Weight: 123
Race: White
Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Clothing Choices: Cameo shorts, blue shirt with a black hooded-vest
Role in Story: Rival
Phobias/Fears: N/A
Goals and Motivations: To be better then everyone
Additional Information: N/A
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Elder Scrolls Out of Time Character Bio 2
Character Name-Roffeo Lachance
Alias-The Ghost of Sithis/ the Shadow of Night
Date of Birth-3E 18
Place of Birth-Cyrodiil, the Inn of Ill Omen
Residence- Deep Scorn Hollow, Cyrodiil (outside of Layawin to the East right on the coast)
Race- Imperial
Height- 5-10
Weight- 165 Lbs
Clothing Choices
• Home Clothes-Robe of Sithis
• Work Clothes-Normal Inn Keeper Clothing
Armor- Armor of Silence
Weapons-Enchanted Ancient Akavari Katana and Bow of Silence
Wife-Elizabeth Lachance
Hair Color- Black
Hair Length- Shoulder
Eye Color-Blue
Jewelry-Eye of Sithis (Eternal Life/Never Age), Ring of Silence, Ring of the Nightmother (Resist Disease, Water Breathing, Extreme Feather)
Tattoos / Marks-Scar on Right Eye
Education-Basic imperial Education
Skills- Archeries, Pick Pocket, Sneak, Alchemy, Speech Craft, Light Armor, Security, One Handed
Fears- Oblivion
Key Childhood Experiences- Witness Murders of Mother and Father by Imperial Legion Soldiers
Key Teenage Experiences- Killing Legion
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Elder Scrolls Out of Time Character Bio 1
Character Name: John Gray-Mane
Alias: Voice of the North, Harbinger
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 3E 8
Place of Birth: Skyrim, Whiterun
Residence: Skyrim. Whiterun Jorrvaskr
Race: Nord
Height: 6’4’’
Weight: 250
Clothing Choices
• House Clothing: Green Hooded Robes, and Black Boots
• Work Clothing: Blacksmith Clothing , Black Boots, and Black Gloves
Armor: Ancient Dragonbone Armor, Ancient Dragonbone Boots, Ancient Dragonbone Helmet, Ancient Dragonbone Gauntlets, and Ancient Dragonbone Shield
Weapons: Ancient Dragonbone Sword, Ancient Dragonbone War Axe, Ancient Dragonbone Battleaxe, and Ancient Dragonbone Great Sword
Wife: Sammantha Gray-Mane
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Shoulder
Facial Hair: One-Foot Long Bearded in a Ponytail
Eye Color: Hazel
Jewelry: Ring of Hircine, and Gauldur Amulet
Tattoos / Marks: Mark of the Imperial Legion on right shoulder, Mark of the Thieves Guild left leg, and a scar across chest the Giant Frostbite Spider
Education: Basic Nord Education
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Biographies for Pokemon Path's Divided Ace Hero
Biographies for Pokémon Path’s Divided
by: leader0000
Name: Ace Hero
Nickname/Alias: Zero
Date of Birth: July 6
Age: 19
Place of Birth: Pallet Town
Height: 6’4’’
Weight: 250
Race: White
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel
Clothing Choices: Black t-shirt, Brown vest with a Pokédex and trainer pocket, Brown cargo shorts, Black combat boots, and an Orange bag
Role in Story: Main Hero
Phobias/Fears: Bugs
Goals and Motivations: Get all Badges, Defeat all evil, and be the best Breeder every
Additional Information: Best Trainer out of the three in the story.
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Big Boom by leader0000 Big Boom :iconleader0000:leader0000 0 0 Omega Torikakomu (Encircle) Unlocked by leader0000 Omega Torikakomu (Encircle) Unlocked :iconleader0000:leader0000 0 0 Omega Torikakomu (Encircle) Locked by leader0000 Omega Torikakomu (Encircle) Locked :iconleader0000:leader0000 0 0 Omrage Senso e (To War) by leader0000 Omrage Senso e (To War) :iconleader0000:leader0000 1 0 Gazo no ikari Hukka(Imrage Hack) by leader0000 Gazo no ikari Hukka(Imrage Hack) :iconleader0000:leader0000 0 0 Ripsin Shi no fukku (Hook of Death) by leader0000 Ripsin Shi no fukku (Hook of Death) :iconleader0000:leader0000 0 0 Omega by leader0000 Omega :iconleader0000:leader0000 0 0 Gazo no ikari(Imrage) by leader0000 Gazo no ikari(Imrage) :iconleader0000:leader0000 0 0 Ridsin by leader0000 Ridsin :iconleader0000:leader0000 0 0 Omrage by leader0000 Omrage :iconleader0000:leader0000 0 0 Alpha Infinite by leader0000 Alpha Infinite :iconleader0000:leader0000 0 3 Alpha Victory by leader0000 Alpha Victory :iconleader0000:leader0000 2 1
My friends and i are doing an elder scrolls RPG and i would like to share it with you all.


kyle weisbrod
United States



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